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6:30 PM- 7:30 PM




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As a woman, you are facing unique considerations in planning your financial future. This is a workshop BY women – for women!  In the financial planning world, the picture has changed – especially for women. We face unique financial challenges and need customized plans for retirement. The one-size-fits-all model? Time to toss it. 


Maybe you’ve taken a backseat in preparing for your financial future. Well, it’s time to get in the driver’s seat and reassess the unique financial challenges faced by women. We’ll show you how to create a financial plan that meets your changing needs (and soon!) and how setting goals for your financial plan can lead you toward a stress-free retirement.   



  • Women face unique financial challenges, but we can help you learn the tools to bridge the gender-related obstacles to wealth creation. 

  • Are you concerned about “outliving” your retirement savings? It’s a real concern, but we have real solutions to offer.

  • In general, women lack confidence about financial matters and investing. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We can help point you in the right direction toward educating yourself!

  • Every woman needs a customized financial plan. We’ll help you get started on yours today!

  • Do you have financial goals, like passing on wealth to your children and grandchildren? We can help you review, reassess and rebalance your goals.   

The fact is, despite all the gains women have made in the workplace, we still earn less than men and are often hampered by childcare responsibilities and caring for elderly parents. Divorce, widowhood, time out of the workforce for childbearing and living longer than male partners can all impact your financial future.

However, that doesn’t mean women should live with financial worry or anxiety. It’s crucial to understand the financial challenges women are facing – well before retirement. With thoughtful planning, goal-setting and a little inside knowledge, you can learn these secrets and get your financial house in order.  


There’s no better time than today to start learning about financial matters – including how to prepare for retirement. Don’t let another day go by without taking the reins and arming yourself with specific knowledge tailored to ALL women: Married, single, divorced, widowed, working and retired. With our customized tips and insider details aimed at women, we’ll help set you on a path to a stress-free and independent financial future.


  • One area where the gender gap is very apparent: Retirement savings. Men save as much as 40% more than women. Learn how to bridge that gap – and put more retirement savings in the bank.

  • Divorce and death can derail a woman’s financial stability. Don’t let it devastate you. Learn how to protect your assets now.

  • Are you confident about your financial know-how? Turns out a lot of women aren’t. You can overcome this, armed with knowledge that is suited – and written – for you.

  • Get a plan. If you are operating without a solid financial plan, chances are you are worrying about money when you could be enjoying your life. We’ll walk you through the steps to creating a workable, long-term plan and setting goals.

  • Don’t let age hold you back! We’ll talk about things you should consider from your 30s to your 70s.

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