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You worked hard for your home: Make your home work for YOU in retirement! Chances are, your home is one of the biggest assets in your retirement portfolio. But did you know there is a way to draw tax-free income FROM your home while KEEPING your home? 


Walk away from this workshop understanding how to use your home to create income, while helping to extend the life of your investments and other assets. We’ll show you tips to help you save on taxes and decrease your risk of debt, while letting you in on the “retirement smile” secret of financial planning.


  • We'll show you how you could unlock your home’s potential for tax-free retirement income.

  • Worried about debt or unforeseen expenses? We'll cover how to help eliminate that stress.

  • Learn some of the pros and cons of downsizing.

  • If you want more flexibility in retirement, we discuss a diversified approach to managing assets.

  • Change the way you perceive your home as an asset. You worked hard for it; now, it can work for you.


Like many Canadians, you might have concerns that you’ll outlive your retirement savings. The truth is, it’s harder than ever before to live a debt-free life – especially in retirement. We’ll show you how to use your home for tax-free income while preserving your investments and planning for unexpected purchases and repairs. In other words: You’ll learn how to walk the path to a richer retirement!


This workshop is your chance to learn how to draw tax-free income from your home – preserving your investments, reducing the risk of debt and eliminating stress in retirement. We’ll help you flip the way you think of your home as a retirement asset, and help you create more financial flexibility and freedom.


This is your opportunity to learn valuable information that can increase your cash flow while keeping you in your home. Can you afford to miss it?


  • Your home is the center of your life. Make it work for you by using it for tax-free income in retirement.

  • Unforeseen expenses can be stressful. By creating a new stream of income, you can rest easy – and know you have easy access to one of your largest investments whenever you need it.

  • By using your home as a cash source, you can preserve your investments!​

  • Pulling equity out of your home gives you flexibility: To help you determine how much income you need, when you need it.

  • The power is yours: Stay in your home, stay debt-free and enjoy your retirement!

Join us at the [VENUE NAME] on [DATE] from [START TIME] to [END TIME] for this educational workshop. There is no charge to attend.


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